TANQUE LAB LIMITED have created a new line of effects pedals for the electric guitar, produced in a super exclusive and limited series due to exhaustive selection of vintage electronics components. All our effects pedals offer exclusive and original designs, mechanical shape, forms and dimension; developing and manufacturing and assembling every exclusive part of the pedal in our workshops. Designed from scratch, each series of effects pedal follows a standard specification, mechanically and electronically.

The name of TANQUELAB®  and inspiration comes from a popular expression. Talking about designing a robust and solid built pedal, the circuit to be protected of external interference with a thick chassis, which could resist heavy impact. A pedal that could resist a heavy weight on top, thrown down the stairs like the first Vox amplifier test, or even from a penthouse down the street, and it will continue to work. Tanque means Tank in Spanish, so it comes from the expression "built like a tank". 

All mechanical parts have been hand crafted in our workshop, including special tools for the designs and manufacturing of the enclosures, all systems and tools have been created and developed by the team, implementing processes which improved our execution times. 

Superior custom effects pedals design, develop and finally assembled in the City of London. Built with our own hands from scratch, one at a time, creating genuine guitar tones with new vintage parts and electronics circuit diagrams and corresponding original PCB layout. Handcrafted with the highest quality material and a mixed selection of vintage NOS and modern audio grade and military standard electronics components. Achieving robust and reliable effects circuits and enclosure designs suitable for all professionals, electric guitar and bass guitar players, sound engineers and producers. Analogue vintage effects, as opposed to current digital solutions in use, offer several additional advantages of interest to the musical instruments market. 

TANQUELAB ®  Prototypes 

Fuzz MKI Rev.5

Fuzz Excelsior

Fuzz MKI Rev.5

Treble Booster OC44

Fuzz MKI Rev.5

This project started as a challenge to create a custom pedalboard, with a collection of vintage analogue electronics circuits and inspired design, starting with the classic overdrive and distortion op-amp circuit, Drivestortion ODD-1 been designed from scratch, and following previous experiences with valve and transistor technologies, finding all possibilities around soft and hard clipping diode distortion, adding versatile controls for more of a guitar experience, reducing noise levels and matching adequate guitar pickup impedance, according to classic guitars standard and best practices of vintage audio electronics, creating a new palette of guitar tonalities and distortion range along bandwidth and saturation of the IC OpAmp chip. 

TANQUELAB DRIVESTORTION ODD-1: New Vintage Custom Op-amp Clean Boost Overdrive Distortion

This is our first limited run of effects pedal. A new original vintage analogue electronics circuit for guitar. DRIVESTORTION ODD-1 introduces a new configuration of the classic op-amp circuit layout, offering underdrive, boost, overdrive and distortion, setting up a classic passive tone and master volume controls.

Drivestortion ODD-1 been designed with an exclusive selection of NOS parts and electronics components tough to audio grade and military standards.

Drivestortion ODD-1 is on the edge of a high gain pedalboard and travels along a huge saturation range of the op-amp circuit with two separate clipping distortion controls, drive and distortion. 

This boost overdrive distortion circuit is based on the same family of the legendary OpAmp RC4558, setting up original Japanese and Malaysian NEC c4558c Op-Amp chip. Open gain circuit that cleanups the overdriven signal with the guitar volume control rolled off. Think of vintage Marshall tone, adding more gain, more headroom, combining soft and hard clipping distortion in the same unit, and noiseless.

The circuit of this Drivestortion ODD-1 is not designed as a conventional state variable op-amp circuit, or other similar diagrams with multiple active amplification stages. Overdrive and distortion are controlled separately, both effects built in the same amplification stage, reducing noise floor, and offering a smooth high-mid frequency boost when increasing drive/gain. The rest of the circuit is well known, a passive tone and master volume controls. A new vintage design to be combined with fuzz, boost, compressor, and other overdrive/distortion effects of your high-gain section, buffered and un-buffered pedals. 


TANQUELAB SINGLE COIL PICKUPS BOOSTER: Vintage Custom Op-amp Single Coil Pickups Booster for Guitar

Single Coil Pickups Booster, a vintage analogue electronics circuit for guitar. An Op-Amp mid boost circuit to multiply from x2 up to x10 your guitar pickups volume, and adequate the amplitude guitar signal from your guitar pickups to the next amplification stage or effects pedal. 

Guitar Preamp x2 up to x10 pickups volume booster circuit based on op-amp circuit, with true bypass control foot switch and clockwise control volume. A vintage guitar mid frequency Op-Amp boost analogue electronics circuit. 

Increases you guitar volume up to x10 times the original guitar signal, suitable and recommended for soloing with a single pickups guitar. Power Supply 9Volts standard negative center PSU Vdc and internal 9V battery holder.

Specially designed for single coil pickups guitar, passive to active mid frequency signal boost circuit, matching impedance with standard single coil electric guitar pickups. Vintage effects recommended for Telecaster and Stratocaster guitars.

TANQUELAB 3-WAYS GUITAR BUFFERED SPLITTER: Vintage Custom 3-Ways Guitar Buffered Splitter

3-Ways Guitar Buffered Splitter, a vintage analogue electronics circuit for guitar. An Op-Amp clean buffer circuit to split your guitar signal or preamp output into three different ways, adequate your guitar signal or preamp volume to the unity, opening three sources to the next amplification stage, effects pedals, split into different pedalboards, or a stereo amplifier and a tuner. Increasing your possibilities when stacking with modulation stereo output pedals. 

A guitar signal analogue distributor specially designed for electric guitar, opening three different output guitar sources from your original guitar signal and preserving original guitar tone. 

A vintage clean guitar buffer built in analogue Op-Amp electronics circuit. Works with internal 9V. battery and external DC plug with standard PSU 9V negative center tip. This unit can be powered with higher voltages, using more powerful source with a recommended range from 9V to 18V. 


Our experience with Fuzz pedals and different circuits helped us to develop this FUZZ FUZZ FUZZ MKI.5 diagram, with more accurate control over saturation and fuzz signal amplitude (output bias) of the vintage sixties transistor circuit, the rest of controls are Volume and Fuzz, which not require explanation.   


TANQUELAB FUZZ FUZZ FUZZ MKI.5 AC128 setup with a selected pair of marked code Mullard germanium transistors and NOS audio grade electronics, including carbon comp and non magnetic military grade resistors.

TANQUELAB FUZZ FUZZ FUZZ MKI.5 (Rev5) been designed with an exclusive selection of NOS parts and electronics components tough to audio grade and military standards. This unit offers four external controls for volume, saturation adjustment of the fuzz distortion range and response, amplitude adjustment of the output offset biasing voltage for dialing the output bias of the fuzz signal, and fuzz distortion control. 

Noise-less. Click-less. Works with external isolated 9Volt PSU and internal 9Volt battery. Top mounted jacks and DC plug. It comes in aluminum flight-case. Exclusive and unique fuzz pedal setup, professionally designed and hand built in the City of London.

Please, note this is a vintage circuit and will require isolated PSU station or separated power supply. This pedal doesn’t work in a daisy chain configuration or sharing a same power source with other modern pedals, do not use with a non isolated PSU station.