Rhodium Electronics Ltd.

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Hornsey Road,

London N7 7NN

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Ipslip Street,

Kentish Town

London NW5



Rhodium Electronics Ltd. been registered and incorporated in the following category of activities:

74xx – Other professional, scientific, and technical activities

-Specialised Design Activities (74100) 

Rhodium Electronics Ltd. have registered TANQUELAB as a trade mark in the United Kingdom. Protecting and certifying our intellectual property in relation to the goods or services listed in Class 15 Musical Instruments. 

Trade Mark number: UK00003454213.

EORI number: GB071799671000

<< My name is Antonio Rubio and l am a fully qualified electronics engineer, gaining my bachelor degrees at Lancashire and Seville universities in 2006 and 2009. My understanding of electronics and passion for guitar and effects pedals have lead me to pursue and achieve new approaches to creating exciting all-analog circuits which deliver both the familiar sounds we all love as well as new circuits which offer a broader palate of tones.


After I moved to Central London from Spain, I finished my first clean boost tube preamp pedal and discovered the meaning of “warm” guitar sound. I continued training my ears, designing my own electronic circuits in the City, growing my workbench and stock of parts while modifying guitars, repairing old amplifiers and building effects pedals in the evenings after work and at weekends.


My ideal rig is a simple selection between clean boost, overdrive and fuzz pedals, together with some modulation pedals such as tremolo or analog delay - a maximum of three or four pedals in total. Normally, I play small tube combo amplifiers and I have found that impedance matching is an important factor to consider when playing with vintage pedals, particularly germanium fuzz pedals.  


The main goals of the Rhodium Electronics pedals are reducing SNR (signal to noise ratio) by means of PCB layout, selection of audio grade electronics and wiring configuration whilst simultaneously improving dynamic response, bandwidth and output level of the circuits, all designed to Hi-Fi standard. >>