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New old vintage effects pedals for musicians without breaking the bank. A different way to design and approach to the musician in needs of a new sound and period correct effects pedals. 

Free quotes and technical support. 

All units are covered with lifetime warranty and technical support. 

Visit our different section of Fuzz pedals, contact us in order to acquire a custom Fuzz in a budget, according to your own estimation. 

Check out our quality built and designs, and better prices of boutique quality and audio grade standard for custom effects pedals in the UK. 

Engineering old vintage Drive and Fuzz circuits to achieve lower noise floor levels, iprovinf output levels proportionately, and offering more of a versatile control and tonality for guitar.

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Bespoke and purpose made tube boost overdrive and valvepreamps are back in our shops. 

Check out analogue Scratchcaster and Valvecaster pedals in Tube Boost Overdrive section. Most of our items are unique pieces, hand built and assembled one at a time. 

Every contact form will be notified by email. PayPal invoice is only sent after pedal succeed all workbench tasks and tests and it's ready to be shipped. Video demos along progress will be attached under customer request.

Every pre-order and corresponding transaction are carried out and protected by PayPalPayments from pre-orders by email are previously detailed with a PayPal invoice, free quote received by email, including special features, customer specifications and selected options, and combined postage when required.

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