New old vintage effects pedals for musicians. A new way to design and approach to the musician in needs of a new exclusive guitar tone and period correct effects pedal. A effects pedal boutique of reference for guitarists in London, and rest of the world!

Free quotes. Lifetime warranty and technical support. Check out our quality built and designs and audio grade custom effects pedals. 

Engineering old vintage circuits to achieve lower noise floor levels, improving output levels and bandwidth and responses, and offering more of a versatile control and tonality range for the guitar.

Most of our items are unique pieces, hand built and assembled one at a time. All vintage electronics components and parts are brand new NOS (New Old Stock) electronics of our stock, collected from main electronics distributors in the UK since 2006, all parts been tested and troubleshooting and selected according to specification and tolerances, manipulated and assembled by hand in our workbench in London.

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