New ARA’67 Rhodium Electronics Astrotone with silicon 2N3566 transistors. 

A riff off Astrotone Sam Ash circuit from 1967 with period correct and vintage specs, original Farnell diodes and ITT capacitors. Set up with original 2N3566 black top hat transistors.

Small run of three units. Same specs 2N3566 hFE 450/450 as shown in the pictures.


ARA’67 Fuzz Overdrive Astrotone 1967 Sam Ash silicon 2N3566 equivalent transistors hFE 290/440 black hat.

This is my unit S/N154 and it’s the first model available (1/1) battery free and selected gain of matched transistors according to original Astrotone biasing voltages. 

This circuit is biased and offers the best output level of all my pedals of reference. Power supply source is isolated from input jack. Unit works with 9V negative centre PSU.


Custom ARA’67 Overdrive Fuzz Silicon equivalent to 2N6566 for a Astrotone circuit with Analogman Mods as per requested in a very special bespoke project. 

This pedal is unique and battery free, and this series will follow with the Astrotone original circuit from 1967, using a similar standard and components.

More clarity, bit more gain, more versatile, still achieving darker tones along the tone control for more transparent amps.

Getting into trebly territory when playing single pickups as per Tommy Bolin Hartman and Smash Willliams, the pedals of reference used to develop this series ARA’67.

Update 24/04/2022

ARA’67 Rhodium Electronics Astrotone with silicon 2N3566 transistors.

A riff off Astrotone according to the analogman modifications, in accordance to play a Gibson Les Paul in front of a Princeton Fender amplifier, hope it works, I played it with a cheap epiphone and a Fender Ramparte in the clean channel and sounds exceptional.

No demos this time, I doubt our customer received upgraded pedals from a pedal builder before, so hope it works for challenging David to test both pedals to find their differences in sound, one with original 2N3566 and another one with equivalent black hat transistors from 1972.

Prototyping ARA'67 ASTROTONE pedal

Classic Astrotone circuit setup Commercial Electronics

Modern Astrotone Analog.Man mods

Update 24/04/2022.

Found the genuine transistors family for this circuit, so preparing a new batch for Astrotone with 2N3566 silicon transistors. But, making two units apart with the analogman specs for humbuckers and clean amp.

Also, made a few changes for a period correct unit, as these 2N3566 transistors work better in a different biasing than our previous stock of equivalent silicon transistors plastic black hat suitable for this special circuit.

In the picture, another riff off the Analog.Man Astrotone with correct period variation of electronics components in accordance to our previous prototype. These vintage components will adequate the signal in a more 70’s way than previous Matsushita caps, still using old Farnell diodes and MKT film caps for audio grade quality at input and output of the signal path. Whilst I keep the prototype with the old 2N35XX ‘72 transistors for my own use.

One of the new units will sent to our previous customer who ordered us an Astrotone as per Analog.Man mods and specs, so he can choose what transistors suits him better, in fact, he liked our first unit, so it will be a hard decision tho, according to play a Gibson guitar into a Fender Princeton Reverb amp. Have fun David!

Another unit will see what I can do with, I don’t like to make clones, but this one turned out nicely and having so much fun testing different families of transistors.

A whole new series of this Astrotone with 2N3566 silicon transistors according to the original 1967 Sam Ash Astrotone circuit available now.

Camden Town